Knowledge Centre of Interpretation

EULITA is pleased to announce that SCIC’s Knowledge Centre of Interpretation (KCI) has been launched and is now available online for all to use at

The KCI is a “single, go-to space to manage and exchange knowledge, create synergies and disseminate best practices on conference interpretation and more”, designed to connect diverse communities with interests in interpretation. It provides a dynamic, collaborative space for interested parties to connect and share information related to interpretation. It is open to both internal and external audiences. Users can participate in communities and forums to discuss and share information, co-author WikiDocs, share news and events, publish content (via the in-house editorial team) and connect with one another via the networking lists.

Equally importantly, the KCI is a one-stop hub for information about not only conference interpretation, but also other forms of interpretation, such as public service and legal. Making use of the search function on the platform, users can find a wealth of material, including training tools, professional support, terminology resources, research and background reading, such as e-books, articles, dictionaries and other external, online information.