ISO 20228:20196 04 15 – Interpreting Services – Legal Interpreting – Requirements

The EULITA project for an international standard on legal interpreting was successfully completed this spring. ISO published the text last May and it is now available in an English version. Following negotiations with the Austrian Standards organization (ASI), EULITA is pleased to announce that ASI is offering a special discount for the purchase of the download (PDF) and/or paper versions. Between 01 September and 30 November 2019, and up to a maximum of 100 purchases, EULITA members and other interested persons can buy the text of ISO 20028 from the Austrian Standards web shop ( / Products and Services / Ordering standards online) at the following prices:

Paper version: € 118.00 –> special price (20% discount): € 94.40
Download version (PDF): € 94.40 –> special price (20% discount): € 75.52

Please be aware of the following ISO conditions:

  • ISO documents are subject to ISO rights.
  • When wishing to translate the standard from English into another language, ISO and the respective national ISO member organization will share the respective copyright.
  • If a third party wishes to translate the standard from English into another language, it must obtain the consent of the national ISO member organization. It will violate copyright regulations when disregarding this requirement.
  • The purchased copies cannot be re-sold to other persons.

When purchasing a download or paper version, the buyer acquires a single-user license. Austrian Standards (ASI) also offers additional licenses for in-house usage upon request.

ISO 20228 – Scope:

The standard establishes the basic principles and practices of legal interpreting services. It specifies the competences of legal interpreters. It also describes the various legal settings and provides recommendations for the corresponding interpreting modes. – It is applicable to all parties involved in facilitating communication between users of legal services using a spoken or signed language.