Happy International Translation Day

Umberto Eco used to say that translation is the language of Europe.

The European institutions alone translate millions of pages every year.

Maybe it sounds banal to say that the successors of Saint Jerome allow people all over the world to understand each other better, to know each other better, to discover new worlds, but it is the truth.

That is the reason why they shoulder a huge responsibility, and for legal translators it is even bigger: they hold the rights, the future, sometimes even the life of an individual in their hands.

We therefore have to be aware that the only way to perform our task correctly and usefully, and respect this historically fundamental – and beautiful – profession, is to study, to read, to improve our skills day by day: training is the word! Let’s celebrate today not only the translators, but also their teachers, their tutors, and their mentors who enable them to spread the ‘language’ of Europe!