Serbian member association launches multilingual terminology base

On 16 March of this year, the Court Interpreters and Translators Association of Serbia (CITAS/USSPTS), one of EULITA’s associate members in Serbia, launched Omniglosar (Omniglossary), a multilingual terminology base of legal and economic terms used in official documents, legal or administrative processes, international affairs, involving 12 languages: Serbian, English, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Slovenian, and Macedonian. The glossary contains over 12,000 entries that can be found by cross search.

Besides its obvious benefits, including improvements in translation quality, this project is also worth mentioning due to the regional (cross-border) cooperation involved in its establishment. The project gathered representative professional associations (from Serbia, Macedonia, and Slovenia) and individuals involved in legal science and translation (from Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia) who offered their knowledge and professional experience on a pro bono basis.

The glossary is available to CITAS members free of charge, while the public at large may access it for a small fee – interested persons may contact CITAS at to be registered. Improvements to the glossary may be proposed by members at any time. All suggestions are reviewed by editors (for each individual language) and those approved are added to the database.