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15/07/2018 18:34

The Commission awarded the grant to the project NetPraLat (NETworking to strengthen pre-trial procedural rights by PRActice-oriented cross-border LAwyers Training) whose beneficiaries are the Catalan Bar Association (CICAC), the Catalan Organization for the Defense of HR (IRIDIA), the Lithuanian HR Monitoring Institute (HRMI), the Polish National Bar Association (NBAP) and EULITA. The Estonian Bar Association,

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20/06/2018 08:00

The EULITA expert Liese Katschinka successfully communicated the latest version, including ISO Secretariat adjustments, to WG 2 members at the annual meeting of ISO TC 37 SC 5 in Hangzhou, China. ISO members will now be asked to vote on the text so that it will be adopted as a final ISO standard on legal

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09/05/2018 10:13

Le 9 mai 1950 Robert Schuman, ministre français des Affaires Étrangères, proposait la création d’une Communauté Européenne du charbon et de l’acier dont les pays membres – et en particulier la France et l’Allemagne, jusqu’à ce moment-là ennemis séculaires – mettraient en commun leur production du charbon et de l ‘acier. À l’époque c’est donc

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07/05/2018 13:03

The General Data Protection Regulation, known as GDPR, will enter into force on 25 May 2018. You will find below some information about its scope and application. EULITA, as a European association, is covered by GDPR’s provisions and must apply them to personal data it processes. In this context, EULITA is the “data controller” (for

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01/05/2018 17:40

Following the annual meeting of ISO TC 37 SC 5, which is taking place in HangZhou, China, EULITA project leader Liese Katschinka will speak at a conference which aims at promoting ISO standards in China. Please find more information about the conference here.

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12/04/2018 14:01

Sofia welcomed, on 16 and 17 March 2018, a large number of legal interpreters and translators from all over Europe and from Japan at the EULITA Conference on « Status and Recognition of Legal Interpreters and Translators Today ». On the first day, a meeting took place at the Palace of Justice where Bulgarian members of the

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