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04/02/2019 15:09

In March 2015 the EULITA General Assembly which convened in Opatija, Croatia, decided to submit a new work item proposal to ISO to further the efforts of legal interpreters towards more professionalism. The project of an international standard on legal interpreting was favorably accepted by ISO members, and work on the standard began immediately. In

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01/02/2019 10:13

With a delay of 4.5 years, the European Commission has finally published its (very general) report on the implementation of Directive 2010/64/EU, which can be found here: EULITA welcomes any comments you may have in this respect.

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21/12/2018 11:39

The decision of the European Ombudsman in case OI/6/2018/LM on the European Commission’s failure to report on time on Member States’ compliance with Directive 2010/64/EU on the right to interpretation and translation in criminal proceedings was published on the Ombudsman’s website yesterday. You can read the text here:

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10/12/2018 10:19

The final vote concerning the ISO 20228 standard (Legal Interpreting) is now open and its deadline is 5 January 2019. We invite all EULITA members to ask their national ISO committees (mirror committees) to vote in favour of FDIS 20228 (Legal Interpreting) before that date.

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03/12/2018 11:38

On 15 November, EULITA submitted its observations to Ms O’Reilly, the European Ombudsman, relating to her Own Initiative Inquiry (OI/6/2018/LM) following a complaint introduced by a colleague against the Commission’s failure to submit a report on the Member States’ implementation of Directive 2010/64. The letter can be found here.

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20/11/2018 11:45

Les inscriptions à la conférence d’EULITA intitulée « L’impact des interprètes sur les décisions judiciaires au sein des juridictions nationales et internationales » se tenant à la Cour de Justice de l’Union européenne, Plateau de Kirchberg, Luxembourg, les 28-29 mars 2019, sont maintenant ouvertes jusqu’au 14 mars 2019. Vous trouverez le formulaire d’inscription ainsi que le programme

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