EULITA General Assembly and Conference 2020

As already announced by the representative of the EULITA’s Greek member association PEEMPIP in Luxembourg, we can confirm that the next conference and General Assembly will take place in Athens from 27 to 29 March 2020.

Please note that the mandates of the present ExCom members – elected on 1 April 2017 – will expire next March. Elections will then be organized in Athens. Five of the current members – Daniela Amodeo Perillo, Jan Runesten, Sandrine Détienne, Joanna Miler-Cassino and Laura Izquierdo Valverde – have the right to stand for re-election.

Our Secretary-General Katy Stifterova and Vice-President Geoffrey Buckingham have to leave their posts after two mandates (art.11,2-third sentence of EULITA’s Constitution).

We invite all full members to propose candidates no later than two months before the General Assembly (Art.28 of EULITA’s Internal Regulations).