06/08/2019 10:56

As already announced by the representative of the EULITA’s Greek member association PEEMPIP in Luxembourg, we can confirm that the next conference and General Assembly will take place in Athens from 27 to 29 March 2020. Please note that the mandates of the present ExCom members – elected on 1 April 2017 – will expire next

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06/08/2019 10:53

We invite you all to keep EULITA informed about your activities and, if you wish post them on the member zone of our website. Let us know if you organize training, seminars, conferences; the dates of your GA, and possible or proposed changes to your national legislation. It is vital that we all exchange information

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30/07/2019 19:05

The EULITA project for an international standard on legal interpreting was successfully completed this spring. ISO published the text last May and it is now available in an English version. Following negotiations with the Austrian Standards organization (ASI), EULITA is pleased to announce that ASI is offering a special discount for the purchase of the

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19/05/2019 11:28

On 16 March of this year, the Court Interpreters and Translators Association of Serbia (CITAS/USSPTS), one of EULITA’s associate members in Serbia, launched Omniglosar (Omniglossary), a multilingual terminology base of legal and economic terms used in official documents, legal or administrative processes, international affairs, involving 12 languages: Serbian, English, German, Italian, Greek, Russian, Hungarian, Croatian, Montenegrin,

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09/05/2019 14:12

On May 9, the whole of Europe celebrates every year Robert Schuman’s founding speech of 1950. “Europe will not be made all at once, or according to a single plan. It will be built through concrete achievements which first create de facto solidarity”. This visionary phrase is gradually becoming a reality with the help of

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13/04/2019 08:04

The conference “The Impact of Interpreters on the Judiciary at National and International Level” organized by EULITA at the Court of Justice of the EU in Luxembourg on 28 and 29 March was a great success and deserved a follow-up even on the Court’s Intranet, as you can see here below. 160 registered participants attended the

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