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15/12/2017 10:04

Registration for the EULITA conference entitled “Status and Recognition of Legal Interpreters and Translators Today” to be held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 16-17 March 2018 is now open and runs until 2 March 2018. The online registration form along with a preliminary outline of the conference programme and practical information can be found here: Registration

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15/12/2017 09:16

EULITA has given its position on two roadmaps published by the Directorate-General for Justice and Consumers: Ares(2017)5430278: Evaluation of the 2011-2020 European judicial training strategy Ares(2017)5432247: Ensuring Justice in the EU – a Strategy for European Judicial Training 2019-2025 You can read EULITA’s comments here.

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26/11/2017 16:58

EULITA, in cooperation with the Bulgarian association AIT, organizes a conference on the “Status and Recognition of Legal Interpreters and Translators Today” in Sofia, Bulgaria, on 16 and 17 March 2018, followed by the annual general assembly on 17 March 2018. You can find the Call for Papers here. Contributors are requested to send abstracts

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03/11/2017 05:40

We have received the following press release from our Luxembourg member: "Pour la deuxième année consécutive, l’Association luxembourgeoise des traducteurs et interprètes (ALTI) a organisé une conférence professionnelle consacrée aux métiers de la traduction et de l’interprétation à l’occasion de la Journée internationale de la traduction, désormais reconnue par les Nations Unies. Près de 70

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03/11/2017 05:38

On 29 September 2017, the German Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ) awarded the annual Hieronymus Prize 2017 for exemplary achievements in the field of multilingual communication during its festivities on the occasion of International Translation Day in Erfurt, Germany. This year, the award was bestowed upon the International Criminal Tribunal for the former

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09/08/2017 12:13

From 3-5 August 2017, the FIT World Congress 2017 entitled „Disruption and Diversification“ was held in Brisbane, Australia, bringing together translators, interpreters and other stakeholders of the industry from all over the world and addressing the rate of technological change within the industry and the current challenges it provides for practitioners and clients alike. Being unable to attend this extraordinary event herself, EULITA President Daniela Amodeo Perillo instead sent her best wishes to our colleagues of FIT in Brisbane, which you can read below:

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