Executive Committee

The current Executive Committee was elected at the General Assembly held online on 29 June 2020 for a term of 3 years. The Executive Committee now comprises the following members:

President: Daniela Amodeo Perillo
Vice-President: Laura Izquierdo Valverde
Vice-President: Joanna Miler-Cassino
Secretary: Barbara Rovan
Treasurer: Sandrine Détienne
Member: Karl Apsel
Member: Jan Runesten

The Executive Committee is the body responsible for the management of the Association and carries out the decisions taken by the General Assembly. Its President is in charge of the overall operation of the association and presides over the meetings of the Executive Committee and the General Assembly. The President is an ex officio member of all committees and working-groups and represents EULITA, including before courts of law.


Relevant provisions of the EULITA Constitution:

9.1. Composition of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee is composed of seven members, including the President, one or two Vice-President(s), the Secretary and the Treasurer. The members of the Executive Committee are elected by the General Assembly, from among its full members with a maximum of one member per member state.
The Executive Committee shall include in all its communications and invite to all its meetings a representative of the association or institution which hosts the website. This representative has no voting rights.
9.2. Powers of the Executive Committee
The Executive Committee:
  • conducts EULITA’s day-to-day operations, including emergency actions, which it thereafter must report to the General Assembly
  • manages the financial affairs of the Association, including the appointment of the internal and, if required, external auditor(s)
  • proposes amendments to the Constitution for approval by the General Assembly
  • prepares the Internal Regulations of EULITA, for approval by the General Assembly
  • decides on applications for as well as termination of membership
  • designates representatives of EULITA vis-à-vis European or international institutions
  • decides on the formation, internal regulations and dissolution of committees and working groups useful to the development of EULITA
  • decides the city where the General Assembly, meetings and conferences are to be held after examining all proposals submitted to it
Executive Committee meetings are called by the President by post or electronic mail at least once a year and conducted in person or electronically. Notification must be sent by the Secretary at least two months in advance.
The quorum required for valid meetings and decisions of the Executive Committee is four of its seven members. Decisions are taken by a simple majority vote of the members who are present or represented. In case of a tied vote, the President has the casting vote. A member of the Executive Committee may give a written proxy to another member, but only for a specified meeting and no member may hold more than one proxy. At least three members of the Executive Committee have to be present in person.
The Executive Committee may temporarily avail itself of anyone whom it deems useful to prepare or assist in its work.
Disclaimer: EULITA does not have any national representatives. EULITA is officially represented by the members of the Executive Committee, or such persons as the Executive Committee appoints for a specific task.


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