EULITA Pre-Assembly Conference and General Assembly in Sofia

Sofia welcomed, on 16 and 17 March 2018, a large number of legal interpreters and translators from all over Europe and from Japan at the EULITA Conference on « Status and Recognition of Legal Interpreters and Translators Today ».

On the first day, a meeting took place at the Palace of Justice where Bulgarian members of the executive and of the judiciary presented the legislative and procedural aspects applicable in Bulgaria to a process where interpretation is required.

On day 2, a very interested audience – that was given the opportunity to intervene and contribute to the discussion using a new, highly appreciated technology – attended a series of presentations divided into three sessions.

The first was dedicated to a training course for humanitarian interpreters in Italy, the experience of a colleague working for the Red Cross in a war scenario, and a linguistic stress test organized during the Greek refugee crisis.

During the second session, the topics of the standard of language assistance for communication with counsel, the work of LITs in the real world and legal translation from the perspective of the financial markets were presented.

The three final speakers spoke on the evolution from « wiretap interpreter » to Forensic Linguistic Tap Expert, on a joint training for police and interpreters in the UK and on the new ISO standard on legal interpreting.

You will find all the presentations on this page.

During the 8th General Assembly of EULITA, which followed the conference, full and associate members discussed several administrative issues and approved the proposal introduced by the Luxembourg association ALTI to hold the 9th General Assembly in Luxembourg in 2019.