The Eleventh International Forum: The Life of Interpreters and Translators – Joy and Sorrow?

19/9 – 21/9/2013 Belgrade



Friday, 20/9/2013

Mr. Ingemar Strandvik, Directorate General for Translation, European Commission, Brussels
EU Translation: Multilingual law-making and multilingualism
Mrs. Borislava Šašić, UN ICTY, Netherlands
Translation as part of the judicial procedure
Mrs. Liese Katschinka, President of EULITA, Belgium
The Profession of Legal Interpreting and Legal Translation and the Status of Legal Interpreters and Legal Translators
Prof. Dr. Stefanos Vlachopoulos, Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Greece
The profile of the legal interpreter in Greece
Mr. Geoffrey Buckingham, President of APCI, UK
Developments in the UK regarding the Capita TI outsourcing contract and Framework Agreement

Saturday, 21/9/2013

Mag. Christine Springer, Co-Chair FIT LTI, Presidnet of ÖVGD, Austria
Certification of Legal Interpreters and Translators in Austria. Past – Present – Future
Mr. Ljubomir Vokosavljević, UN ICTY, Netherlands
Translating Medicine, Dentistry, Anthropology and Forensic Science from B/C/S into English: The UN ICTY Experience
Mr. Sc. Irena Gizdavčić Plohl, President of DSTIP, Croatia
Challenges in the Education and Appointment of Court Interpreters
Dr. Ilona Šprcová, KST ČR, Czech Republic
Basic and further training and development of legal translators and court interpreters
Mrs. Barbara Bosek, TEPIS, Poland
Joies des anciens et peines des jeunes traducteurs. Comment les aider?
Mrs. Zofia Rybińska, Vice-President of EULITA, Vice President of TEPIS, Poland
Continuous Professional Development of Legal Interpreters and Translators in Poland
Dr. Barbara Rovan, DZTPS, Slovenia
Section for Court Interpreters of the Association of Scientific and Technical Translators of Slovenia
Prof. Dr. Brankica Bojović, University of Montenegro, Montenegro
Legal English among Notaries Public in Montenegro
Prof. Ge Yajun Esq., Tianjin University of Commercie, Nankai University, China
Legal Translation in China
Mrs. Monique Rouzet Lelièvre, Co-Chair FIT LTI, UNETICA, France
Espoir et désespoir: la situation de l’expert traducteur interprète en France
Dr. Miodrag Vukčević, University of Belgrade, UPIT, Serbia
EU directives and standards on translating and interpreting and their implementation in Serbia as a non-EU country and a country in the Stabilization and Association Process (SAP)


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