Benefits of EULITA Membership

Dear (Potential) Members,

Full and Associate Members of EULITA enjoy a wide range of benefits. In addition to those listed in EULITA’s Constitution, as a EULITA member you may also:

  • provide a link to your own website on the EULITA website,
  • post information about your events and news on the EULITA website,
  • publish articles and LIT materials in your own language (with a short summary in E or F),
  • enjoy access to all information and articles published by other members, also in other languages than EULITA’s official languages (English and French),
  • enjoy preferred status as a partner of EULITA whenever EULITA submits applications for LIT projects (model curricula, training modules, etc.),
  • attend EULITA events at EULITA member rates (detailed arrangements to be decided on a case-by-case basis),
  • log in to the EULITA intranet (member zone) to look up EULITA documents and LIT materials,
  • sign up with the EULITA Google Group (EULITA Mailbox) to exchange ideas, to obtain information, to discuss current professional issues, to receive material restricted to members (bibliographies, glossaries, downloads, conference presentations and other materials, etc.)
  • state your EULITA membership on your stationery and website in keeping with EULITA guidelines,
  • participate in the EULITA VOLUNTARIAT programme and receive information on projects conducted under the VOLUNTARIAT programme.

Once applicants have been admitted as full or associate members and paid their membership fee, they will receive detailed practical information on the benefits mentioned above.

For further information please contact us at

Daniela Amodeo Perillo, President
on behalf of the Executive Committee

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