Aspects of Legal Interpreting and Translation

In the context of a Criminal Justice programme of the Directorate-General Justice, Freedom, Security of the European Commission, the partners in the EULITA project (JLS/2007/JPEN/249) have established the international non-profit European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association.

To mark the launching of EULITA and reflect on the opportunities and challenges before us, the participants in the EULITA- project organized a three-day conference on
‘Aspects of Legal Interpreting and Translation’
This conference took place at Lessius University College in Antwerp, from 26 to 28 November 2009.
On the first day of this conference, the proposed mission statement, constitution, organization, website and envisaged activities of EULITA were presented and discussed. This session was followed by the official launch of EULITA at the award-winning new Courthouse.
The following two days were devoted to reflections on different aspects of legal translation and interpreting, for the police and the courts, in international courts and asylum hearings, complemented by terminology, country profiles sessions and two workshops.
Interpreting into English and French was provided during the plenary session on Thursday afternoon, the opening plenary on Friday morning and the closing plenary on Saturday.
Click here for the conference programme and presentations.

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Click here for information about the launch of EULITA.

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