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17/02/2010 10:13

A first comprehensive guide to sign-language interpreting in Europe. This publication gives an overview of the organizations, training programs, and work situations of sign-langauge interpreters across 27 countries.

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15/02/2010 11:28

The Institute of Arts and Human Sciences (ILCH) at the University of Minho and the undergraduate degree course Applied Foreign Languages (LEA) are pleased to announce an intensive training seminar, the third “Hands on Translation” seminar in March 2010. Click here for more information.

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11/02/2010 10:44

The admission criteria, the application procedure and fees schedule have been posted on the website. Click ‘Join EULITA’ for more information. The Executive Committee will soon contact associations and persons to join the European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association.

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11/02/2010 09:17


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01/02/2010 13:21

The Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association (ITIA) published a new bulletin in which they discuss the 2009 EULITA Conference. Click here to read the article in English.

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29/01/2010 09:11

Dr. Nienke Doornbos published a Dutch article in TREMA 2010 about conference interpreting. She discusses 3 topics that may complicate interaction between jurists and interpreters. Click here to read the article in Dutch.

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