General Assembly

The General Assembly is the sovereign body of EULITA.

On 1 April 2017, EULITA members gathered in Vienna, Austria, for the 7th Annual General Assembly, which took place in connection with a Translating Europe Workshop entitled "New Developments in Legal Translation" and an international conference organized by EULITA and ÖVGD on "The Many Facets of Legal Interpreting and Translation". The conference also included a visit to a local district court in Vienna. The proceedings can be found on this website at Vienna conference 2017.

A picture gallery of the Assembly can be found here:

The documents of the 7th General Assembly of EULITA will soon be available to EULITA members in the Member Zone.

The 8th General Assembly of EULITA will be hosted by AIT, EULITA’s Bulgarian member association, and will be held in Sofia on 17 March 2018, preceded by a conference. Further information will be published on the EULITA website.

Relevant provisions of the EULITA Constitution:

8.1. Meetings

The General Assembly meets at least every year at a place and time set by the Executive Committee.
Notice of meetings must be sent by post or electronic mail at least three months before the date of the meeting of the General Assembly, with the agenda set by the Executive Committee.
All members of EULITA may attend and speak at the meetings of the General Assembly.
During a meeting of the General Assembly, the Executive Committee must report on the activities of the association during the period since the last General Assembly and on the current state of affairs of EULITA, including its financial state.
The election of the members of the Executive Committee must also take place at a General Assembly meeting.
Any other business may be discussed at the meeting of the General Assembly provided a request to do so has been sent to the Executive Committee at least two months in advance.
An extraordinary General Assembly can only be called by two thirds of the full members, notifying the Executive Committee of their request for an extraordinary General Assembly. It is then the responsibility of the Executive Committee to organize such a meeting within six weeks.
Half plus one of the full members present or represented at the General Meeting shall constitute the quorum. Minutes of the meeting must be recorded by the Secretary and must be made available to the membership on the association’s website within sixty days of the meeting.


8.2. Powers of the General Assembly

The General Assembly can deliberate and vote only on matters and resolutions listed on the agenda.
The General Assembly: 
  • approves amendments to the Constitution and changes to the objectives of EULITA
  • approves the Internal Regulations of the Association
  • approves the work of the Executive Committee
  • approves the accounts and the budget
  • discharges the Treasurer
  • elects and removes from office the members of the Executive Committee
  • decides on appeals made against decisions of the Executive Committee
  • decides on the transfer of the registered office
  • decides on the dissolution of EULITA

8.3. Voting in the General Assembly

Decisions of and proposals to the General Assembly shall be adopted by a simple majority of votes.
Every full member shall have one vote in the General Assembly.
Voting shall be by show of hands unless one-third of those present or represented with the right to vote request a secret ballot.
Voting may be in person or by proxy. Each full member is entitled to hold one proxy.
An additional postal or electronic vote may be conducted by the Secretary on decisions of and proposals to the General Assembly with notification to the membership on the website at least thirty days in advance of the voting. Voting can be carried out up to five days before the meeting.
Decisions regarding the adoption of this Constitution, as well as any subsequent amendments to the Constitution or the objectives or the dissolution of EULITA shall require a two-thirds majority of the votes cast.
Associate members have no voting rights.