EULITA goes to China

The 8th FIT Asia Pacific Translators and Interpreters Forum (APTIF8), held in Xi’an on 17 and 18 June 2016, gave EULITA a unique opportunity to present its work on the ISO draft standard for legal interpreting to colleagues in the Asia-Pacific region.

APTIF 8 was preceded by a seminar organized and moderated by Prof. MA Qinglin, Dean of NWUPL (Northwest University of Political Science and Law) School of Foreign Languages, where EULITA President Liese Katschinka was able to welcome NWUPL as the first Chinese university to become an associate member of EULITA. The occasion was also used by China’s five top law universities to set up the "Legal Union of Foreign Languages Schools" which undertook to promote the education of legal English and legal translation, in particular the Master of Legal Translation and Interpreting (MLTI) Program.

Prof. GE Yajun, an associate member of EULITA since 2010 and member of the FIT Task Force on Legal Interpretation and Translation, moderated the workshop on legal interpreting and translation at APTIF8 on the following day, together with Prof SHA Lijin, who also represents TAC on the FIT Task Force. The Forum was a high-level event which attracted more than 500 participants from all corners of the world. Xi’an International Studies University must be congratulated for the professional organization of all Forum activities.

A legal translation workshop at Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in Guangzhou (also known as Canton) rounded off the academic events during this trip and offered valuable insights into Chinese projects concerning curriculum planning, legislative steps to protect translators and translations, as well as the problems in connection with compiling Chinese legal terms and their translation into English.

A meeting at TAC headquarters in Beijing with top TAC officials and members of the newly set up TAC Legal Translation Committee was the last, but not least, agenda item on the schedule of the trip to China. It continued and deepened the exchanges between TAC and EULITA in the field of legal interpreting and translation which had begun several years ago with meetings at the ÖVGD (Austrian Court Interpreters Association) in Vienna and the CIUTI forum in Geneva.

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APTIF8: (left to right) Prof. QU Wenfeng, Prof. MA Qinglin, Liese Katschinka, Prof. SHA Lijin, Prof. ZHAO Junfeng, Prof. GE Yajun



APTIF8: (left to right) Prof. MA Qinglin, Prof. ZHAO Junfeng, Prof. GE Yajun, Prof. SHA Lijin, Liese Katschinka, Prof. QU Wenfeng



Canton workshop: Speakers and students participating in workshop