ASSITIG Round Table on “Ethics of court interpreting in judicial contexts”

ASSITIG has the pleasure of inviting you to a Round Table on the topic of “Ethics of court interpreting in judicial contexts”, which will be held on 16th April at 10 am at the Law Courts of Syracuse, Italy.
ASSITIG is organising this event together with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Criminal Section of the Law Courts and the Bar of Syracuse, Italy. The event is open to everyone working in the Justice sector: Public Prosecutors, judges, counsels for the defence, lawyers, interpreters and translators.
The identification of the problems which often occur, highlighted by feedback from a questionnaire given to Public Prosecutors and judges from the Criminal Section of the Court and lawyers, will be the focus for a joint formulation of common guidelines aimed at improving the efficient running of the Court’s work, as well as guaranteeing fair trials, the right to defence of suspects, defendants, victims and witnesses in accordance with the EU Directive 2010/64/EU, Directive 2012/29/EU and Directive 2012/13/EU.


  • Main issues in various Court contexts: survey’s findings – recurring problems – some solutions.
  • Professional Ethics: The Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibilities- Ethical Features- the Interpreter as a court appointed expert and as a private consultant for the defence.
  • Consequences: When the Code of Ethics is not respected- what are the legal consequences? – Safeguarding of Fundamental Rights.