LIT Search final report published

The EU-funded project for a European pilot database of legal interpreters and translators was published a few weeks ago and can be accessed here.

The reports begins with a description of the project aims and deliverables, describes the LIT Search technical solution, and continues with country reports on the legal interpreting and translating situation in the participating countries. Chapter 5 contains recommendations for establishing LIT registers. This last chapter, in particular, was intended to assist EU member states in setting up or updating their national and/or regional LIT registers so that they could also be linked to the LIT Search database. An annex gives an overview of the national LIT regimes in Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, the Netherlands (sign language interpreting), Poland, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The initial plan to use LIT Search as basis for a LIT database on the e-Justice portal has been postponed. For the time being, there will also not be a follow-up project with EU funding to the LIT Search project which would roll out the findings of the LIT Search project to other EU member states.

There are no plans to publish the report in paper form, so please feel free to download the report and print it yourself. Please contact the EULITA Secretariat for further information on the LIT Search project or future plans for a European database of legal interpreters and translators.