Annual General Assembly of EULITA

On 1 April 2017, EULITA members gathered in Vienna, Austria, for the 7th Annual General Assembly, which took place in connection with a Translating Europe Workshop entitled "New Developments in Legal Translation" and an international conference organized by EULITA and ÖVGD on "The Many Facets of Legal Interpreting and Translation". The conference also included a visit to a local district court in Vienna. The proceedings can be found on this website at Vienna conference 2017.

A picture gallery of the Assembly can be found here:

The documents of the 7th General Assembly of EULITA will soon be available to EULITA members in the Member Zone.

The 8th General Assembly of EULITA will be hosted by AIT, EULITA's Bulgarian member association, and will be held in Sofia on 17 March 2018, preceded by a conference. Further information will be published on the EULITA website.